Traditional Indian attires, especially bridal and bridesmaid clothing, features intricate and ornate embroidery work, which is extremely gorgeous in appeal, and perfect for special occasions like weddings and anniversaries. Indian bridal clothing have always had that element of grandeur, elegance, royalty and sophistication that is hard to find elsewhere. The ornate craftsmanship on fabric is unique and elaborate, as the zari, zardosi, resham, sequin, mirror and moti embroidery, is professionally executed in a manner that instantly catches the attention of all fashion lovers. One such wedding costume has heavy and rich hand embroidery pattern with beautiful floral, bird and animal motifs, that is ‘classic’ and ‘standard’. The intricate gold zari thread work and zardosi embellishment on silk, satin and velvet fabric, oozes out a gorgeous feel that is apt for a bride who is wearing a unique outfit, for her auspicious day. One such Indian bridal clothing can be a bridal lehenga choli or an embroidered saree, preferably in red or maroon that easily catches the attention of all. Weddings are always special in the life of all, and to make it a red letter day of your life, it is the bridal attire that has to be jaw dropping in effect. Be it a saree of a lehenga, it has to look absolutely gorgeous, royal and grand in outlook.


Embroidered Lehengas and Sarees

The racks of the top fashion clothing store are always filled to the brim with the best of designer wear and fashion wear, that are extensively hand embroidered in the most ornate fashion. The gold zari embroidered Banarasi sarees or the bridal lehengas are truly gorgeous and elegant in appeal. The intricately hand embroidered gold and silver zari threads on fabric, creates that ‘Wow’ appeal among onlookers, as an Indian bride decks herself in one such fashionable bridal outfit that has all the elements of class and sophistication. The designer bridal lehengas and saris are truly typical of any Indian wedding, as the bride always desires to adorn a heavily embroidered lehenga choli or a designer bridal saree that has ornate zari embroidery. The lovely bird and floral motifs created on the fabric, especially on the borders as well as on the bodice, is eye-catching, and every traditional fashion lover admires such exquisite work of art. Even the choli and the dupatta is not far behind, as they too possess intricate embroidery work and zardosi embellishments, that look exceptionally gorgeous. So, you ought to have a zari embroidered outfit for your special day, to look that shade above others.

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