Tridha Choudhury is a beautiful Indian film actress and a celebrity fashionista who has appeared in both Telugu and Bengali movies. She has a distinct style of dressing, and a mature fashion sense of her own that is liked and admired by many of her fans and followers. Here too, she is seen posing for photographs with her mom on the occasion of ‘Mother’s Day’, and both of them are looking splendid. It is Tridha who is catching the attention of all her fans and traditional fashion lovers, as she is looking glamorous in this pista green saree that has ornate embroidery on the borders with lovely floral motifs. The golden sleeveless blouse has sequin embellishments that matches perfectly with this beautiful silk saree in sea green or teal green that looks really gorgeous on this diva. Here, she is posing with her mom who is also wearing a beautiful gown or robe like attire with a long front open jacket. The long jacket is in dark grey color with occasional resham embroidery, whereas the plain inner robe is in copper brown color.

Tridha is definitely looking stylish and sophisticated in this sea green silk saree which gives her that true Indian look as the traditional Indian saree goes on to bolster her exquisite and aesthetic beauty. This classic embroidered saree is outwardly acting as a style enhancer, and both the mother-daughter duo is looking brilliant in their respective attires. Tridha’s mother seems to be enjoying the makeover as well as the professional photo-shoot on the occasion of Mother’s Day, and her Western style attire perfectly compliments the beauty of her daughter’s traditional attire which is a pure silk saree in resham embroidery. The precise floral embellishments on the border of this saree, the sequin embroidered golden blouse and her fashion jewelry in the form or earrings and bracelets; adds to the glamorous effect. This is a perfect amalgamation of Traditional and Westerns as both their attires compliment each other beautifully without overpowering or overdoing. This is a sheer display of contemporary and traditional fashion at its best.

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