A traditional saree best epitomizes the natural beauty of an Indian woman, who loves to adorn herself in the finest of attire, that is rich in craftsmanship on pristine quality fabric. It is an Indian sari which goes beyond the imagination of international fashionistas and fashion designers who are always curious about this typical Indian outfit that is always En Vogue. Designers always look forward creating something unique out of an Indian saree, by keeping intact its original style, essence and design. A sari is probably the everyday attire of an Indian woman, especially in East and Southern India, where a lot of women prefer it over salwar kameez or kurtis. It is such an elegant outfit, that instantaneously brings about that mature and sophisticated look. It’s like a ‘Wow’ appeal at the first sight. Special occasions like weddings and festivals are truly incomplete without a saree, here in India.


A Simple Piece of Cloth, Yet So Elegant

Only an Indian woman would be able to tell you the magic of a saree which is hand created to perfection by some of the master craftsmen and artisans in rural India. Go to Varanasi, rural Bengal, Kanchipuram, Mysore, Kerala or Assam; you find small homes in hamlets (villages) having their individual hand-looms where they create some stunning masterpieces in pure fabric. The Banarasi saree makers of the oldest living city on planet Earth is somewhat different from the league. Their magical creations find place in some of the finest Indian bridal clothing stores across India and abroad. One such Banarasi silk saree goes on to adorn some of the most beautiful Bollywood celebrities, or for that matter the next door girl in an equally gorgeous manner.


Types of Indian Sarees

I guess this is one such fashion clothing topic or subject where one can write endless stuffs without getting bored. Yes, you’re right! It is the variety of traditional Indian sarees that can confuse you to a level, wherein you choose the one that best attracts your eyes and allures your senses. First and foremost, we talk about the Banarasi silk saree, that is the preferred wedding attire in Eastern India, especially in Bengal and in Odisha. A wedding is deemed incomplete without this special saree that is characterized by its ornate, heavy and intricate embroidery and embellishments in zari threads, preferably silver. The fabric material is pure silk, and the colors are rich which creates a gorgeous appeal. Next comes the Kanjeevaram silk saree, which is the first choice among all brides in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It is a must for a Tamil wedding, and it features bright colors such as bottle green, turmeric yellow, orange, indigo blue and lots more. It is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous Indian saris that is a part of the wardrobe collection of a South Indian woman. Similarly, the Patola silk saree is a masterpiece creation from Gujarat, Tanth and Baluchari from Bengal, Muga from Assam, Mysore silk from Karnataka and Sambalpuri from Odisha are few of the best-sellers. The ‘Generic’ ones are Georgette and Chiffon sarees that are available all over India,and last but not the least, the omnipresent printed sarees in pure cotton.

This sums up my post about Indian sari designs and styles that catches the attention of all traditional fashion lovers, who possess a deep fascination about Indian sarees. This bread and butter attire, though an everyday wear for a majority of Indian women in the East, is also the most fashionable, elegant and sophisticated clothing that any fashion designer, fashion lover or a fashionista can think of.

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