Tanisha Mukherjee, the Bollywood ‘hottie’ and ‘naughty’ is looking electrifying hot as she is sizzling in this Black party outfit or designer gown that is perfect for an evening party like an awards ceremony which she happens to attend in Mumbai. This time it is “Vogue Beauty Awards 2017” where she poses in front of the camera in a stunningly beautiful and gorgeous Black evening gown or party gown that has a low cut design around the chest portion, revealing quite a bit of her beautiful cleavage. This is certainly, a sensual party outfit or Western style gown that has caught the attention of all fashion lovers, here at this beauty Awards function. Tanisha is a style freak and she looks fantastic in this long Black party gown which has ornate lacework pattern at the lower portion.

Tanisha has a great sense of fashion and this gown is a clear example of her understanding about the latest fashion trends that is doing the rounds in Bollywood. Here, this Satin party gown in an elegant deep cut ‘V neckline’ looks absolutely gorgeous on her. This evening gown has a thin Brown strap in the middle and the intricate lacework at the bottom looks very sophisticated. The fashion accessories too in the form of diamond studded finger rings and earrings are style ‘Ad-ons’ that go about enhancing her exquisite beauty and charm. She is one of the hottest faces in Bollywood and being a celebrity, she has a rich fashion taste and knowledge about the latest trends. This Indo Western gown is definitely a class in itself with its beautiful cuts and ornate design.

Bollywood celebrities are now increasingly wearing Western outfits for special events like fashion shows and award functions as it goes on to reveal their sensuality in an all new way. The bold cut, rich colors, unique design patterns and of course, the fabric material plays an important role in defining the beauty and splendour of an outfit that eventually impresses all. Here, the Indo Western gown that Tanisha Mukherjee is wearing is a classic design outfit in Black that is perfect for a Bollywood party. She is definitely looking steaming hot in this outfit and with her curls & tresses over her shoulder; she is simply ‘sizzling’. Tanisha surely did her homework well for this grand ‘Vogue Beauty Awards’ function where some of the best names and faces in Bollywood showcase their wardrobe collection.

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