Tamil Nadu, in the southern most part of India, is a culturally rich, diverse and colorful state that is deeply rooted in traditions and customs. Devout Brahmins in Tamil Nadu are staunch believers of traditional rituals, customs, beliefs and religious practices that are to be clearly seen in a Tamil wedding or in a local festival. Here, we would exclusively focus on a Tamil Brahmin wedding that has all the elements of color, fragrance, cuisine, custom, fashion and some extensive rituals that all Hindus should be proud of. The entire wedding ceremony is presided over by a head priest with a couple of junior priests, who recites religious mantras, hymns and chants that are overpowering to the ears. This is the basic of any Hindu wedding that has countless rituals and customs. Apart from this, it is the authentic Tamil vegetarian cuisine and traditional Indian fashion that takes the center stage during one such lavish and luxurious wedding. Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu is home to some of the most majestic Dravidian style Hindu temples where all Hindu weddings takes place, and so is the case in all other cities, be it Coimbatore, Salem, Madurai, Kanchipuram, Cuddalore or Thanjavur.


Authentic Tamil Cuisine in a Wedding

No festival or wedding ceremony is deemed complete without the incorporation of the local cuisine that is a mandatory element in every house or family. The Tamilians are known for their incredible hospitality when it comes to serving their guests with local delicacies that comprises of a diverse platter. A wedding is one such auspicious occasion where one can get to experience the best of traditional cuisine that comprises of plain steamed rice, rasam, poppadoms, chutney, sambar, idli, dosa, vada, uttapam etc. Apart from these, are the local sweet dish of payasam and curd which is served after one such satisfying meal. So, you can well understand the significance or importance of food when it comes to a special occasion like a Tamil wedding where guests are served hot and fresh.


Traditional Wedding Fashion & Bridal Clothing

In a Hindu Tamil wedding, it is the bridal saree that catches the attention of all traditional fashion lovers, as it is made of pure silk fabric material and it comes in rich colors.  The Tamil bride is decked up in a gorgeous Kanjivaram saree which is a specialty of Tamil Nadu, as this particular Indian sari comes from this town from where it derives its name. Not just the traditional Indian saree, but it is the heavy and pure 24K gold ornaments or jewelry, that forms the core of any Tamil bridal fashion. The fresh flowers decorated on the braid of hair of the bride, also brings about a sense of purity and freshness. But what catches the attention of all is the pure Kanjivaram or Kanchipuram sari that comes in an array of colors like turmeric yellow with blue contrast, orange with green contrast, indigo blue with yellow contrast and bottle green along with gold zari borders, that looks exquisite. This somewhat sums up a grand Tamil wedding, that comprises of traditional fashion as well as all the ritualistic ceremonies and mouthwatering cuisine that is unique and special in every aspect.

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