Surajkund, a small town in Faridabad, Haryana comes to life during the month of February, as it hosts one of the biggest traditional handicrafts fairs in Asia. This fair or Mela is held every year, and invites participation of artisans from Central Asian, East Asian, South Asian and Middle East countries, apart from India. Thousands of tourists, both domestic and international, come to Surajkund during this time of the year, to see the best of traditional Indian handicrafts, fashion and clothing. Artisans, craftsmen and weavers come from as far as Jammu & Kashmir to Tamil Nadu, and from Nagaland to Gujarat, in order to showcase and sell their unique products, that are truly classic in design and intricate in craftsmanship. Referred to as the “Surajkund Crafts Mela”, this fair attracts huge number of foreign tourists that come looking for authentic Indian fabric, showpieces, handicraft items in metal, exotic bamboo furniture, traditional toys, and various types of clay and pottery work that are for sale during this 15 day long fair. It’s a beautiful display of colors and craftsmanship that are to be seen everywhere. This place becomes ‘mini India’, as artisans from all the 29 states, bring with them, their tradition, customs, fashion and cuisine that is unique in every aspect.


Vibrant Colors, Cuisine and Fashion

India is best described by its colors, cuisine and food, which comes alive during this annual crafts mela in Surajkund, where one can see the best of fashion wear, handicraft items and local food, that aptly represents every region. The artisans come with their stunning creations in fabric, wood, metal, bamboo, clay and stone that are indeed, a treat for the eyes. Here, one can buy traditional costume jewelry, as well as Indian saris from every possible state. Be it Tant from Bengal, Patola from Gujarat, Kanjivaram from Tamil Nadu or Kasavu from Kerala, all of these are displayed here in various stalls belonging to different Indian states. Similarly, one can shop for beautiful embroidered lehenga cholis from Rajasthan and Gujarat. One can also shop for Indian kurtis and salwar kameez that are hand stitched and hand embroidered to perfection. Here, a tourist can also savor the regional delicacies of India, be it from Kashmir to Kerala. The mouthwatering Gustabas from Kashmir valley, Khakra of Gujarat, Dosas from Tamil Nadu and banana chips from Kerala, are all available here. So, try coming to Surajkund, and take home a memorabilia or souvenir, that you would remember for long.

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