Sukriti Kakar, the beautiful Bollywood playback singer is looking glamorous in this navy blue lehenga and off shoulder cape crop top that is bolstering her looks. This exquisite Kalki Fashion creation invokes a sense of ethnic sophistication and style that is hard to replicate. This designer lehenga is a pure blend of true feminine silhouette and traditional craftsmanship that is best depicted through this off shoulder crop top and flowy skirt. It is a typical fusion design that incorporates classic Western as well as exotic traditional style in its entirety. Sukriti is looking exceptionally elegant in this zardosi embroidered crop top lehenga in an off-shoulder design that is increasing her sensual appeal and natural beauty to many folds. The continuous ornate embroidery on the waist, adds to the subtle charm that comes in gradually with this classic designer outfit which is a perfect Spring-Summer creation. She is somewhat depicting a modern look in this free flowing, trendy and sophisticated blue lehenga and crop top, which is a perfect party wear.

Bollywood and fashion are synonymous, which is very much evident through this ornately embroidered off shoulder crop top and skirt, that best reveals feminine charm. Sukriti is posing for photographs in a model-like manner in this navy blue crop top and skirt lehenga which surely enhances her appeal and beauty. This modern, yet traditional outfit strives to achieve that synergy between the contemporary and conventional when it comes to dressing up for an evening party or a wedding. Her cuter model like postures and the fashion jewelry that she is wearing, is definitely making her day. The intricate embroidery and craftsmanship on the silk satin fabric, coupled with her elegant style is surely making an impact on the minds of all fashionistas. This crop top skirt lehenga is one beautiful example of modern fashion deep rooted in tradition which is quite evident through the overall styling and design.

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