Shilpa Shetty, the ravishing Bollywood beauty is looking absolutely gorgeous in this pure cotton or khadi saree that has beautiful white and red lacework on its border. This is a very sophisticated looking steel grey or ash color pure cotton saree that is perfect for designer parties and high-profile events. Here, Shilpa is portraying a refined and mature look in this lovely steel grey ready pleated saree that actually oozes out a sensual appeal and Shilpa with her picture-perfect physique and personality is looking absolutely splendid. Along with this saree, is her beautiful dark grey & white blouse in floral prints that is perfectly matching with the color shade of this sari and the red hemline around the neck and sleeves of the blouse is an added touch of refinement. She is definitely one of the most fashionable Bollywood divas who is exceptionally style conscious and this traditional attire which she is wearing, looks highly fashionable and sensual on her.

This designer sari has crisp pleats around the shoulder and on the front that gives her a fashion model look, which is really stylish. The blouse has a high neckline with short sleeves and I guess all female air crew members would love to own one such typical ready pleated saree. This is style redefined as Shilpa, the Bollywood heartthrob is looking spectacular in this classic Indian attire that is beauty redefined as the color is very soothing and soft to the eyes. This classic steel grey color shade goes well with every occasion and the fabric material too, looks very comfortable. Shilpa is definitely looking sophisticated in this pure cotton outfit that has intricate lacework on its borders and that enhances the overall beauty of this Indian saree which is a plain fabric. This traditional Indian outfit is a blend of class and refinement that very few can match and the practical design brings about that elegant appeal. Here, she is looking exceptionally gorgeous and mature in outlook.

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