Sangeeta Bijlani, the sweetest and hottest Bollywood star ever, looks ravishingly beautiful in this luxurious and gorgeous party gown that is exquisitely done in net fabric and with intricate Zari as well as Zardosi embellished patterns in occasional floral and leaf motifs on the upper half that looks splendid on her. Sangeeta is undoubtedly a beautiful diva, a fashion model, a Miss India pageant winner and a refined Bollywood actress who best knows the latest trends in Indian fashion that is doing rounds in Bollywood. She is a style diva who is beauty par excellence and here in this classic Western style outfit, she dazzles the floor.

Here, the event which she is attending is the “Retail Jeweller India Awards 2017” and she happens to be the center of attraction as the lovely net party gown with rich floral and leaf embellishment goes on to increase her beauty and aesthetic appeal to an all new level. The designer gown which she is wearing for the occasion looks like a fairy tale attire when English princes used to wear such dazzling gowns in the finest of fabric material for special occasions like wedding or anniversary. This beautiful net pattern Indo Western gown is tailored to perfection in the most flawless manner with intricate and ornate brocade or embellished pattern on the top that is sure to catch the attention of all.

Bollywood fashion and celebrity fashion has always evolved over the years and celebrities are now going for something trendy and modern to look stylish as party gowns, evening gowns, bridesmaid gowns or drape gowns are possibly the most preferred fashion clothing among Bollywood divas who look stunning in Western outfits. This dark Ash grey gown in intricate brocade work on the frontal portion is the USP of this evening attire which looks stunning in design, cut, craftsmanship and style that has few parallels.

Here, Sangeeta Bijlani is definitely looking like a goddess of beauty as the classic Western outfit along with the fashion jewellery that she is wearing is looking absolutely splendid on her and it is the photogenic look which makes all the difference her to style and charisma. The Bollywood diva is literally glowing in this designer party outfit which looks complete and stunning in design. Be it the net fabric material, ornate brocade embroidery pattern, the design and the sophisticated color that all goes on to make a clear impact on aesthetic beauty.

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