The latest Bollywood heartthrob and fashion model, Nidhi Agarwal is rocking the stage in this skimpy outfit that looks ‘terrific’ on her as the bold cuts and the deep neckline, make her look very sensual and alluring. Nidhi is the latest kid on the block in Bollywood with her debut movie “Munna Michael’ opposite Tiger Shroff. Here, in this Western style dress, she is looking absolutely ‘sizzling hot’ as the soft velvet skirt, reveals a bit of her cleavage that makes her look very ‘sensual’ and extremely gorgeous. This is a designer cold shoulder party outfit in a ‘V shaped’ neckline that enhances her sensuality graph to an all new level and that is what gives her a bold outlook which is very much evident through this Western style party outfit or evening dress. Here, the fashion accessories in the form of a white leather bag in a long sparkling silver chain and along with that her White sneakers are looking absolutely trendy and stunning.

The short velvet dress that she is wearing is a very attractive looking party outfit that reveals quite a bit of her skin, especially around the thighs and also around her front cleavage that definitely makes her look ‘alluring’. This is a classic Western style evening wear or party outfit in a ‘cold shoulder’ design that gives Nidhi that overwhelming appeal in front of the camera and her fashion jewellery such as her Gold earrings and her gemstone studded finger ring that she is wearing on her right ‘ring finger’ goes on to enhance her appeal and overall style. Nidhi is certainly a ‘Bollywood material’ on the making and with her outright confidence and go-getting attitude, she is all set to rock the stage, both On & Off screen, not only through her looks but also through her sensual style of dressing that is overtly trendy, stylish and en vogue, keeping in mind her huge fan following.

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