Kangana Ranaut, the ever glamorous, practical and sensual looking Bollywood diva is elegant in a saree and this time too she is seen in a fine silk saree. Here, she is seen arriving at the airport in this acrylic printed and resham embroidered peach color saree that is portraying a sophisticated look. Kangana is always stylish, both on-screen as well as off-screen and this beautiful peach silk saree goes on to increase her aesthetic appeal. Not just the peach saree, but the sleeveless matching blouse too is enhancing her beauty to an all new level. Coupled with it, is her classic fashion accessory which is in the form of a stylish white Christian Dior leather bag that goes perfectly well with this lovely silk saree. Her style of wearing the saree is practical yet sophisticated and she is carrying this saree beautifully and in a seamless manner. It is beauty and style redefined as Kangana is looking fabulous in this traditional attire.

This semi-translucent peach color silk saree is a highly fashionable Indian clothing and the color itself is soothing to the eyes, leave aside the lovely acrylic prints or embroidery. Kangana seems to gel perfectly in this casual clothing or fashion attire that has a pure traditional appeal. She is one of the most classic looking divas in Bollywood and in this designer saree, she is looking absolutely marvelous. The way she is carrying herself in an Indian sari is truly praiseworthy as very few Bollywood celebrities look as good as Kangana in a traditional Indian saree. This outfit is a classic example of refinement on fabric, casual style and sophistication that blends beautifully and this celebrity is a perfect representation of traditional beauty. She is looking absolutely pristine in this designer silk sari and definitely eye-catching in the crowd, as her peach color saree is turning quite a few heads at the airport.

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