Stylish, elegant and sophisticated is what can be best said about Jacqueline Fernandez and her style of dressing is sublime, sensual and pristine from the very word ‘go’. Jacqueline is a ‘style diva’ as she goes on to wear some truly fashionable attire that is trending globally and Bollywood is certainly indebted to her for her inexhaustible fashion proliferation that has helped it gain a worldwide recognition to a great extent. Here, she is seen posing in front of the camera in a trendy and stylish Black short crop top and in a Grey or Ash color trouser that looks ‘classic’ on her. Jacqueline is a celebrity with loads of positive attitude and here she is seen in very casual looking Western attire that catches the attention of all fashionistas, be it at a party or at an awards function night.

This is a very stylish looking dress and the Black crop top in an unusually folded pattern at the lower end, looks ‘unique’ in style. This sleeveless Black crop top in a highly fashionable design is making her look really trendy. Apart from the designer crop top, it is her Grey pants with a folded bottom that oozes out sophistication and her Black shoes with straps is a ‘style enhancer’. Jacqueline is definitely one of the hottest celebrities in Bollywood who best knows how to carry herself in a Western or Indian attire and here she definitely looks fabulous in a classic Western style outfit that is a combination of sleeveless top and pants.

The fashion accessories which she is carrying look perfect on her and it goes well with her overall style of dressing. The fashion jewellery in the form of a Platinum necklace, earrings and the White leather wallet which she is carrying looks absolutely chic on her. It is her Grey folded bottom trouser that matches perfectly well with the Black designer top and her overall look is definitely en vogue. The short length top in Satin or Silk looks splendid in design and adds a bit of sensuality to her appeal that is desired by all her fans. Even her critics land heaps of praises on her fashion and dressing sense that is way ahead of others in terms of exquisite beauty and this makes her so special in Bollywood fraternity where ‘style’, ‘beauty’ and ‘fashion’ happens to be the ultimate buzzword.

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