Huma Qureshi, the beautiful Bollywood diva is looking cute and stunning in a trendy “Off Shoulder” dress that is perfectly matching her style as she is a gorgeous model and actress who carries herself flawlessly, both in a traditional as well as in Western attire. Here, the dress which she is wearing is a beautiful off shoulder design skirt or tunic that is made on a coarse net fabric material that looks extremely stylish and fashionable for a party or an event. She is seen posing for photographs on the terrace of her home in New Delhi as anything she goes on to wear looks absolutely gorgeous on her due to her picture-perfect vital statistics. This modern tunic has a Black, Blue and White checkered pattern on it and that goes on to increase its style, which looks modern and contemporary.

Huma is one of the brightest stars in Bollywood and her fashion sense is extremely mature and composed. This Western style dress or tunic which she is wearing is one such example of the latest in Bollywood fashion which has elegance throughout its design. It is the sensual ‘Off Shoulder’ style that catches the attention of all, as celebrities and models wish to look hot, both On Screen and Off Screen. This stylish attire or Western style dress is contemporary in appeal and the coarse fabric material perfectly complements her overall physique. Aspiring Bollywood celebrities are increasingly going for Western outfits to reveal their fashion statement that is definitely en vogue and here Huma Qureshi looks stunning in this designer party outfit that is custom produced for her.

This gorgeous looking Western attire with two wide holding straps on both the arms and the wide Black border on the lower end looks stunning overall. It is this lovely looking gown, tunic or long skirt that complements her body frame perfectly and goes on to increase her exquisite beauty to many folds. The bold cuts, the design and the checkered pattern on the outfit actually oozes out a modern look which best define her style of dressing that is overtly fashionable. This is all about the latest trends in Bollywood fashion and Huma Qureshi best defines fashion which is trending in Bollywood through her trendy looking outfits that are simply ‘awesome’ and ‘sensual’.

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