Anything related to ‘Punjab’ is King size, and a Punjabi or a Sikh wedding too is no different. They are some of the most happy and prosperous communities in India, residing mostly in the Northern states, and it is their weddings that says a lot about their big heart, and how to enjoy life to the fullest. Any wedding is a family affair which involves the participation of friends and family, and the Punjabis do it in their very own signature style. It is an overdose and splash of colors, glitters, cuisine and fashion that is clearly visible in one such grand wedding. Living life in a grand way is what can be learnt from a Punjabi, and that is how it should be for every fun loving individual.

Party, Food, Music and Fun

Very few can match the energy and enthusiasm of a Punjabi, and when it comes to a lavish wedding ceremony, sky’s the limit. They do everything in a ‘king size’ manner, be it food or party. If you are looking to experience one such memorable moment, you ought to attend a Punjabi or a Sikh wedding. It is a celebration of rich colors, mouthwatering cuisine and happy lifestyle. No other experience is as touching, thrilling and memorable. The wedding is held in a Gurdwara where a priest or a Granthi presides over the entire ceremony, and the bride, along with the entire family of both the bride and groom are present. Bridesmaids are not to be forgotten. Post the ceremony, it is a grand reception held at the residence or in a hotel that brings out the true spirit of a Punjabi. It’s the mouthwatering North Indian delicacies, especially the non-veg food items, whose flavor and essence rejuvenates your olfactory senses. And then begins the grand party with all time Punjabi hits and numbers that revs up your spirit. It’s the dance floor that forms the center of attraction.

Punjabi Bridal & Wedding Fashion

It is the lehenga-choli that forms the integral bridal outfit of any Punjabi wedding, and when talking about bridesmaid attire, it has to be the evergreen Patiala suit, Anarkali suit or a long kurti and salwar kameez in bright colors. Punjabi girls usually prefer something colorful, rich and glittering for a special occasion like a wedding or a festival. Brides possess a fascination for hand embroidered lehenga cholis that features heavy and intricate embroidery in zari and zardosi. Colors like Crimson red, maroon, rani pink, scarlet etc. are the all-time favorites among brides in Punjab. This is quite evident from the colorful outfits they wear during weddings and festivals. Apart from the bridal outfit, it is the jewelry and fashion accessories that help a bride hog the limelight, and here in Punjab,it is the kundan jadau jewelry that is hugely popular. Other accessories include the parandas and phulkaris that bridesmaids wear, apart from the standard silver jewelry items. A majority of the bridesmaid usually prefers wearing Patiala salwar suit during wedding ceremonies, as it brings about that robust yet rustically fashionable look. This is what the fashion scene in rural and semi-urban Punjab is. So, all-in-all its an amalgamation of rich colors, traditional styles  and mouthwatering cuisine, with a tadka of Punjabi passion, that revs up the whole atmosphere.

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