Ghagra Choli – Ultimate Fashion Wear

Bollywood celebrities are giving their wardrobe that perfect designer look by shopping for some of the most elegant looking ethnic wear as well as traditional Indian clothing that looks immaculate and brings about that gorgeous appeal. Keeping this tradition alive, Ileana d’Cruz, one of the leading Bollywood divas is now giving her wardrobe that quiet transformation through some trendy and stylish looking tops, ghagra cholis and long skirts that looks perfect on her as she is a girl with a cheerful face and a slender body frame that very few others can boast of.

Ileana is simply one of the most elegant looking Bollywood celebrities with the hottest of looks and her ‘dressing sense’ is perfect with nothing too outrageous and nothing too dull. Here in this photograph, she is seen wearing a designer Ghagra Choli in full cotton fabric material with beautiful motifs and prints that is simply ‘eye-catching’ to the core. She is wearing a cold shoulder blouse in navy blue background with buttoned front and the motif of a Hindu goddess on her chest which looks absolutely stylish.

This is a typical ‘hippy style’ long skirt and choli whereas some may call it is a designer ghagra choli that has beautiful hand printing all over the body of the ghagra or the long skirt that make it look even more pristine and gorgeous. Here, Ileana is looking extremely beautiful and trendy in this long skirt and blouse that reflects a casual appeal. It can be customized as a party wear or as a festive wear and fashion lovers seem to be giving a ‘thumbs up’ to this unique looking Indian fashion attire that looks overwhelming in style and modern in appeal.

The beautiful cuts and design of this dress reveals the best of feminine beauty and no wonder why Ileana is sporting this retro-style designer wear which looks absolutely fabulous on her. Even the long skirt has buttons on its front and the motifs, designs and prints are actually unique, making it one a kind traditional Indian attire that is best in style and overall appeal.

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