Diya Mirza, the adorable diva of Bollywood and one of the most refreshing faces in the Indian film industry is again stealing the show through her ravishing looks and sensational style of dressing, this time at the Indian Film Project in Worli, Mumbai. This is a typical skirt type dress with a red scarf around her shoulders, making Diya look even younger and charming for the day. This dress reminds you of the humble yet beautiful frock that every single girl used to wear during the 80’s in India but the style of this particular one is very designer in looks and has a signature appeal. This beautiful skirt or frock features intricate resham embroidery patterns and the beautiful lacework too at the bottom goes on to add to the exquisite beauty of this Western dress. Diya is looking very pretty and sweet in this classic Western attire which is definitely increasing her beauty to many folds.

Diya is the undisputed queen of Bollywood for years and when it comes to ‘beauty with brains’, she is the one who is way above others. It is her dressing style that is making her the top celebrity in Bollywood as she possesses a mature fashion sense. This Indian style Western attire which she is wearing at the Indian Film Project is certainly enhancing her looks as the resham embroidery patterns and lacework, all adds up to the beauty of this Bollywood diva who is certainly wearing a refreshing look through this party wear. The matching scarf in red is going well with this dress and it also enhances the overall appeal of this outfit. Diya has made her presence felt through this elegant attire that is definitely catching the attention of all fashion fashion lovers as well as critics who have appreciated the craftsmanship of this lovely party dress. Diya is a beautiful diva and this designer wear gives her that humble yet overpowering look which is hard to resist and turn your eyes away.

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