Adah Sharma is a beautiful Indian movie actor and a young celebrity diva who knows her fashion extremely well, as she has a great sense of style.  She looks pretty in contemporary outfits, and here too she is stealing the show in this short skirt dress or tunic that has lovely floral prints throughout the bodice. It is her Happy Birthday, and she is wearing this signature Kalki Fashion dress for her special day and posing for photographs. This is a beautiful floral tunic dress that gives her overall style a contemporary twist that suits her perfectly. The short tunic skirt is extremely high on style quotient, and she carries this dress effortlessly outdoors. This outfit is one of the most brilliant creations by Kalki as the soft baby pink color and the lovely floral prints adds to her softness, elegance, style and sensuality that is overtly oozing out through this retro attire. Adah is one of the most beautiful divas in Bollywood, and this celebrity knows her fashion statement well which is quite evident through this dress.

Here, Adah is carrying a stylish brown leather bag that looks absolutely fabulous, which goes on to add to her overall style quotient. I would say that its a pure comfort dress that is designed, keeping in mind the changing taste of Bollywood celebrities, divas and fashionistas. It is her fashion accessory which is in the form of a brown leather bag that brings about that classic style. The short floral tunic gives Adah the ‘Ada’ which is perfect for a celebrity photo shoot. Adah is one of the most glamorous divas in Bollywood with a photogenic face, and her contemporary style of dressing grabs the eyeball of all her fans and friends alike. This party wear or casual wear which happens to be a contemporary floral skirt or tunic dress with impressive hemline at the bottom and a V shaped neckline looks incredibly stylish. The robe like tie-up on the waist and the three quarter sleeves is certainly adding to her overall style.

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